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In The Beginning  ​

In 2005 Mr. Leonard began teaching Concealed Carry classes which progressed into other firearms classes. His experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security gave him a unique perspective and experience to share with others. Currently, Mr. Leonard is 1 of only 50 in the State that is a certified PPS rifle trainer. 

In 2013 opportunity came to start BHi Security and Mr. Leonard left the Federal Security work and with  a former Foreign Customs Agent, his wife Uka, begin BHi Security and quickly acquired some Local and State Government contracts, followed shortly with several exclusive resort properties. 

As Time Passed

In 2015 M. J. Forrest IV, USMC Lt. Col (retired), joined the team bringing on a new level of leadership and the growth has continued.

All agreed the two most neglected areas in security are training and employee selection. These are the areas which are far better focused on than many other security companies ever attempt.

In 2015 Major Preston Winters also came onboard and later became the Regional Manager and PPSB Instructor. Preston is a combat veteran of the United States Air Force. Post 9/11 he was cross-trained to augment Air Force Security Police and EST (Emergency Services Team). There he was tasked with Base Security and Military Police duties along with Emergency Response to a variety of incidents.

In 2018 Lieutenant Casey Blakley exited the Army after a year long deployment. His experience as an Army MP has been valuable to BHi.

In 2019 Sergeant Jeremy Weir came onboard. He too is an Air Force combat veteran with Military Police experience.  He too was a member of the EST (Emergency Services Team). 

To Date

All of our managers and supervisors bring to BHi   experience in Military Law Enforcement and/or Military  Security. Bhi has always been and will always be a Military friendly employer. 

BHi has recently acquired an outdoor shooting range for employee qualifications, recertification, and advanced training. The range also accommodates training for NC Concealed Carry Classes among other firearm classes available to the public.

All of us here at  BHi  take 

        security very seriously.

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